Hormone therapy

Who is this therapy for?

Each time a hormone level drops, it is necessary to compensate for it.

Hormonal balance is one of the essential keys to quality of life

Usually, hypofunction of the thyroid and pancreas is compensated by Synthroid and insulin respectively. This is very classical and indeed, the quality of life is extremely affected, even threatened, when they are deficient.

In the same way, it is necessary to explore deficits in the production of other hormones essential for our well-being, including sex hormones, even if their absence does not endanger our lives.

Treatment with bio-identical hormones applies to all age groups, from teenagers to the elderly.

Hormonal imbalance disrupts our quality of life. Hormonal decline leads to accelerated aging, weakening of the body and physical, mental, sexual and emotional capacities.

Hormonal balance, on the contrary, is one of the essential keys to quality of life. This natural balance has many physical, psychological and cognitive benefits that make you happier and more attractive.