Aging without being old

Gains for a healthy and vital life up to 120 years of age.

Imagine better prospects for your health!

Regain health, vitality and joy of life by slowing down the aging process.

Les gains pour une vie en santé et vitalité jusqu’à 120 ans

Aging is natural and inevitable, but its effects can be greatly delayed:

• Weight gain

• Fatigue

• Depression, mood instability

• Insomnia

• Memory loss and decreased concentration

• Decrease in physical resistance

• Pain

• Decreased libido

• Hypercholesterolemia

• Diabetes

• Osteoporosis, etc....the list is long.

Hormones exert a favorable influence on the composition of the body, the distribution of body fat, energy.

They are affected by our emotions, our diet and our lifestyle. A good hormonal balance and a good intestinal flora have a favourable influence on the composition of the body, the distribution of body fat and energy.

This balance is achieved through our food, our environment, our lifestyles and our emotions.

Feeling younger, benefiting from a better recovery of its energy

Excess visceral fat, sedentary lifestyle, an inadequate diet, loaded with sugars accelerate cellular aging drastically.

For example, a high glycemic load chronically increases insulin and produces an inhibitory effect on the release of growth hormone. This is one of the causes of premature aging and helps to break down hormonal homeostasis.

Excess sugar in the blood, as well as excess stress, promotes the production of lipogenic hormones: insulin and cortisol.

TRANS fats, which allow the conservation and taste, hydrogenated fats, too much omega 6 such as sunflower oil, borage, corn, safflower, additives, chemical pollutants (dioxin, phosphate ...), heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium ...), toxins related to cooking methods, foods too rich in sucrose, lactose are all disruptive of hormonal balance.

So delaying aging implies a revision of lifestyle habits. It means ensuring a longer life expectancy and a life of high quality. It means feeling younger, benefiting from better energy recovery, moving away from depressive states and preventing diseases.