Chana Sante’s Goals

To give visitors the opportunity to consider, to realize that it is possible to optimize their level of vitality in line with the latest scientific developments.

An imperturbable joie de vivre and a high level of compassion

Starting from good health to excellent health, the main sign of which is “an imperturbable joie de vivre” and a high level of compassion.

What is new medicine?

It is the meeting between traditional medicine and so-called alternative medicine. Traditional medicine treats disease, alternative medicine opts to maximize prevention. New medicine expresses the meeting of these two types of medicine through the scientific approach. New medicine is nourished by the constantly renewed knowledge of the cellular universe to the quality of DNA replication which is a major key to longevity. "The future is in the origin" Philippe Auguste, biologist.

  • With new medicine, you can be healthy at 120 years old
  • New medicine treats quality of life
  • New medicine is an individualized, inclusiv and transversal medicine (wholeness of blending specialities)
  • New medicine uses innovative laboratory tests