Digestive health

"Every disease starts in the intestine".

- Hippocrate

"When you control the digestive system, you control 9 out of 10 diseases.

- Dr Donatini

Understanding the digestive flora

The history of health of the human being goes through its digestive history, we understand it more and more, we measure it more and more.

The training that I did in 2016 at the ECIM, (European Congress of Integrative Medicine), was for me the cherry on the sundae (organic and lactose-free). It completed and revealed the logic of the puzzle of all my knowledge.

Understanding the digestive flora and the subsequent flora - oral, vaginal, perineal and cutaneous (hands, navel, axillary, inguinal)

Understanding fermentation: where it takes place, what type of fermentation and how well it ferments.

This is what leads us to evaluate our microbiota (micro-organisms) and to know if this microbiota promotes dysbiosis, inflammation, malabsorption and therefore deficiencies, weakening of the immune system.

A human being has its own unique genetic code and it is the same for its microbiota. This is why the treatment must be individualized.