About Me

I have been a nurse since 1985. I have worked successively in France and in Switzerland where I completed my training as a general care clinician, and then in Quebec. I have worked for a long time in hospitals and at the same time I completed my therapeutic approach in integrative medicine.

Chana Lemetayer
Chana Lemetayer

My 30 years of experience in many health specialties have taught me to know the human being in its bio-psycho-physical globality. With a dynamic approach, I guide you in maintaining and improving your health and vitality.

I was trained by the world-renowned Dr Donatini at the European College of Integrative Medicine (ECIM) in 2016.

I communicate a positive and constructive vision of your health because 80% of diseases are caused by food and environmental problems.

My therapeutic approach aims at optimizing the health and well-being of those who need it regardless of age.

A healthy digestive system and a good hormonal balance are one of the essential keys to advancing in age without feeling the number of years affecting our body and brain.